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Dell Inspiron 1521 Notebook 5720 Sprint EVDO Rev-A Driver A00

Dell Inspiron 1521 Notebook 5720 Sprint EVDO Rev-A Driver A00

Dell Inspiron 1521 Notebook 5720 Sprint EVDO Rev-A Driver Publisher's Description

• BITS DF188634: DMBCU fails to properly program the NAI after a change of MDN
• BITS DF172191: DUN connection assigns to gateway address
• DF95099 L10N-FRN: Readme file isn\'t displayed automatically after install
• BITS DF168107 Telus MiniCard, in NDIS Mode, will not connect
• BITS DF156969: WWAN radio on,after resume S3,WWAN radio will off (fail rate
• DF137341: WWAN connection could be disconnected after switch back user
• BITS DF175344: M08: 2 Systray icons appears after closing DMBCU
• BITS DF180811: BSOD error 0X000000C4 on Vostro 1700 after driver verification run
• BITS CR179687: Option to populate DMBCU proxy setting to IE proxy setting
• When trying to auto connect to VPN using Dell Dragnet user gets \"error code 623\"
• BITS DF143692: M08 P3:NVTL Phoenix MFC App stopped working resuming from Hybrid S3 on Bat
• DFT33477 DF143101: M08: Help Utility displays wrong carrier logo
• DF128575: Post RC1: V64-DMBCU does not change network properties of WWAN device
• BITS DF144427: M08:User Switching:If card is in use Device Setting Panel shows Device not Found
• BITS DF131023: SMS emergency / urgent buttons both sends SMS as emergency.
• BITS DF183677: M08: Activation reminder bubble appears with active Sprint card
• BITS DF177001: DMBCU displays incorrect message for half-activated device
• BITS DF118232 M08: Sprint user switching DUN mode causes connection to reset on transition
• Sprint will roam when roaming turned off
• Vista/Sprint: Self-Diag reports WWAN card not registered in No Network areas

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